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About Terry Tafoya Earp
Terry Tafoya Earp is a Playwright/Producer/Actress who began her writing career in 1988 and has since written 38 plays and 2 documentaries, many of which have received both local and national recognition. In 1996 she wrote her first historical-based play "Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier" which won AriZoni award and has been performed more than 741 times throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. The plays that Terry has written, and both Wyatt and Terry star in are, historical-based plays and are a part of the Tombstone Saga.

Since Terry’s accident she had three new plays published and produced along with one documentary. Her play "Steve and Stevey” was turned in to a musical. Her latest endeavor is this documentary film; Moving On "Before and After Quadriplegia”. It's the story of six Quadriplegics of different sexes, ages, backgrounds and length of time in the chair and how they have successfully reinvented themselves...